Our consulting and advisory approach is based on solutions rather than problems. We work with you to create solutions that are informed by the demands of your industry, input from key staff and stakeholders, your organizational culture, our many years of business experience, customized in-depth research, and – when appropriate – the use of targeted assessments. Our clients have reported making major strides forward organizationally after beginning to work with Stirling Advisors.


  • Conducted multi-team studies – which led to optimizing team members, clearer career paths for Team Leaders, and more effective reporting structures.
  • Created competency models for sales teams in consumer products and print direct mail, R&D and L&A groups. Models were used as a way to develop and select staff and to communicate expectations.
  • Created job function distinctions, which were used to clarify differences between roles within department.
  • Assisted departments with improving new-hire screening processes, resulting in better hiring practices, better matches, and greater retention.
  • Co-built, facilitated, and coached Process Improvement Team, leading to reduction in redundancies between two departments and provided career development for team members. In addition, team researched and adopted best practices from other, dissimilar organizations.


  • Conducted management studies, which resulted in strategic planning process led by Stirling Advisors, improved hiring, and new staff integration practices, and role clarification.
  • Designed and delivered multiple learning modules, including: Giving and Receiving Feedback; Collaboration; Leading and Managing When You Are Not the Boss; Stress Reduction during Transition; Performance Evaluation; Negotiation; and trained to deliver Cramer Institute’s Courageous Conversations.
  • Built and implemented a multi-year external Leadership Program.
  • Developed and implemented program designed to increase cross-functional collaboration.
  • Worked with mid-level executive and department to clarify and communicate roles and responsibilities, as well as organizational interdependencies to the new organizational leadership, which led to better understanding of the group’s work, recommendations for streamlining the work, and an assessment of appropriate staffing levels.
  • Worked with multiple firms to co-create executive development plans for mid-level executives.
  • Worked with multiple teams to improve team functioning.