Executive Leadership Coaching

Stirling Advisors strives to help you harness your innate professional and personal power in achieving your desired goals. You bring your context, reality, and vision for success, and Stirling helps guide you toward success while assisting you in balancing the demands and expectations of your company. Every leader has different objectives, and by drawing from a combination of proprietary materials, carefully researched, effective, and cutting-edge tools and techniques, as well as customized approaches, we assist you in accomplishing your unique goals and objectives. We never try to use a “one size fits all” approach on any of our clients – your needs are as distinctive as the environment in which you work and the many skills you bring to your job.
Leadership coaching is designed for the professional development of an individual. However, within the context of coaching, issues often emerge that go far beyond the development of one member of an organization. StirlingAdvisors provides consulting and guidance on emerging issues within your team, department, or organizational level.

Our clients report that their work with Stirling has resulted in a wide range of individual and organizational successes.